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Game Servers

You personal game server is only seconds away! Please pick your game to proceed.

With every package the first 48 hours are free

When you purchase your chosen package, the billing/first payment will not be taken until 48 hours have past from the point of order. You can even cancel inside this time too!

Included with your game server

The following features are included with every game server.


GGHosting is built on Microsoft Azure meaning we have the flexibility to provide servers in all corners of the globe. We are currently going through regions starting with Europe so if your desired region is not available please get in contact and we will do our best to get you up and running straight away.

We use Stripe and Paythen as our payment processor. For monthly terms the process kicks off with a full month payment in advance and is then due every 30 days thereafter. For weekly, the process kicks off with a full week payment in advance and is then due every 7 days thereafter. For more information around Stripe and Paythen see the links in the footer of our website.

Yes. If you opt to pay weekly, you can cancel inside any recurring week and the same goes for monthly subscriptions. By default when cancelling, your subscription will be cancelled and your game server will be active until you reach the end of the period you have paid for. To arrange a refund instead, this can be done via a support ticket in the Discord channel.

Yes you can cancel at anytime. If you cancel mid month for example, you will be refunded the remainder.